Carlo Tiviolin - 1980 Carlo Tivioli - 1980
There’s something magnificent, almost divine, in nature’s inebriating play of nuances between contrasts of light and shadow; nevertheless the human art of using colours and tones to give the fur an absolute, unique value, proper to the work of an artist, appears ineffable.
Ever since his debut in high fashion, Carlo Tivioli has radically changed the classic canons of the fur coat, breaking the monotony of greys and browns with an all red and blue fashion show. His spirit of innovation and passion for colours emerge in all the later collections: the nuances are used in a revolutionary way and his garments take on unusual tints, fresh, inebriating and unconventional, like acid greens and pinks. For the 1980-81 season, superb sapphire and amaranth furs parade on the runway: the bright tones are skilfully muted with simple, minimal cuts, with lengths kept to three-quarters and somewhat loose fits in keeping with the fashion of the period.
In the art of the fur coat there is more than just “blacks and white”, light and shiny colours or dark and dense ones; also the intermediate shades, the blends of tones, are important. If diversity creates wonder, in every collection the biggest surprise is represented by carlotivioli’s enchanting coloured universe.
Carlo Tiviolin - 1980
Beautiful and luxurious, a fur coat is a status symbol, a superfluous necessity, the fashion standout of all time. An element of female class and distinction, especially in the 1980s it was the top gratification, the dream achieved. The ardent desire to own one was the hidden secret of every woman, any crisis could be overcome with a fur.
But the luxury sought by true fur lovers must be something unique, an experience of magnificent taste without soulless imitations or repetitions, manifestation of new emotions yet capable of resuscitating forgotten memories or sensations. Characteristics all present in this sophisticated cloak with a hood of gold skin and Sojuzpushnina golden sable, from the 1985-86 high fashion ready-to-wear collection. The most prized of materials is transformed into a garment of absolute brilliance and extraordinary rarity. The obsessive attention to detail, the intermingling of styles and the ingeniousness of the forms are the unmistakeable signs that denote carlotivioli, emblems of the simply beautiful.
Gold skins of refined and sumptuous elegance accompany this sweet and harmonious golden mantle, for the woman who feels a bit feline and a hunger to attract glances. Golden like everything precious, the coat is the hidden treasure in the room, a luxurious, snug embrace in the frosty winter.
Carlo Tivioli - 1980
Carlo Tiviolin - 1980
Neither romantic nor sentimental, but resolute and immune to weakness or fragility: so appears the woman wrapped in this sumptuous and regal cloak of Scandinavian white fox. Caressing it a bit one might sense the incredible enchantment of the North, its long winters, the shimmering light reflected on the snow in a fairy-tale atmosphere. The fur, of impalpable lightness and spotless purity, gives the female anatomy the elegance of the most marvellous creatures, an almost ethereal, supernatural touch.
As in a musical score, where the notes are harmoniously linked in melody, the movements of the fur seem to create long pauses of silence, barely interrupted by touches of light and shadow. The most precious of materials, shaped by the hands of craftsmen, truly comes to life in all its splendour. It is authentic poetry that springs from the artist’s heart and disseminates its message in those who admire or wear it.
White, the non-colour par excellence, much-prized among the cool tones, is in this precious fox an adventure that is always new and exciting which, with extraordinary potential, irradiates everything with a limpid calm. Like every carlotivioli fur, its beauty is ready and finished, practically perfect because it pleases precisely in the moment in which it pleases.
Carlo Tivioli - 1980