Carlo Tiviolin - 1990
Twenty years after his debut on the runways, Carlo Tivioli never ceases to amaze with the extremely refined and innovative work on his furs, as testified by this romantic motif of light blooming roses, created with the embossing technique for the 1990-91 collection.
The craft artist treats the pelts like normal fabrics and impresses them with designs in relief: here the designer becomes painter, resulting in a delightful embroidery of multicoloured roses blossoming on the broad mantle collar of the three-quarter length Swakara. What preparedness, what intuition, what ingeniousness in seizing upon the demands of the moment, just before awareness descends on women of these secret desires, achieving the ideal image that the lady wants to convey. The designer is not only “creator” but a man who scrutinizes the society in which he lives, interprets its moods and draws inspiration from every artistic expression that attracts him.
Masterpiece collections are born from a multiplicity of inner states of mind, so the colours assume the most diverse hues – from bright violet to acid green, in addition to the classic blacks and whites – and the furs take on aggressive, strong shapes or romantic ones, decorated with lace and frills. Garments so eclectic they can represent the height of luxury if embellished with jewels or remain more sober if downplayed with jeans and boots.
Carlo Tivioli relies on an innate gift, that of always being out in front of the times without either forcing or conforming, understanding the desire of women who want to valorise their image, reinvent it or make it emerge with the charm of genuine novelty.
Carlo Tivioli - 1990
Carlo Tiviolin - 1990 Carlo Tivioli - 1990
Women are more beautiful, feminine and sensual when wearing carlotivioli, which gives real life to the fur coat and maintains the right interpretation, that ageless natural elegance, always brimming with new freshness and vivacity.
Elegance has always meant lightness, spontaneous grace, being able to feel or show oneself at one’s ease in every circumstance. Although innate in the person, it can be enhanced by apparel, and nothing possesses this ability more than a fur. carlotivioli garments clothe women in charm and grace, favouring a casual naturalness, as shown by this precious cloak in Northern Supreme sable, loose and comfy, embellished with a light ring of ruches that adds to its spectacularity.
The delicate balance between the fur and the woman, the fur and current circumstances, is always maintained. The result is that bold liveliness that is an essential ingredient of the image of bliss and attractive femininity.
A sense of superiority like that of the gods might be, an innocence in which power takes part: for the philosopher Ernst Jünger this is the essence of casualness. This gift of the irresistible grace of self-assurance, of arrogance measured out with candour, can flatter the best of figures or suit bodies just as they are; it can be innate or given by a carlotivioli fur.
Carlo Tiviolin - 1990
Once the prerogative of ladies of high society, of queens, princesses and movie stars, in the second half of the 1990s the fur becomes a symbol of practical, functional elegance for a woman who lives her life with a modern spirit, without forgoing the charm of her femininity. The forty-year-olds of that period, playing at revival, consider it an essential garment and an irresistible, innocent vanity.
In those years carlotivioli works Swakara as if it were velvet, using sable to enrich the edges of full coats made of prized, satiny pelts, shaped into trench coats or transformed into cloaks. Jackets and overcoats for everyday use take on a sporty chic and the preference goes to neutral, natural hues, practical, comfortable lines, and lengths that are never excessive. Special treatments that create refined jacquard effects cover furs that increasingly resemble fabrics. For evening wear or the most important, demanding occasions, the proposed volumes are full and loose, the lengths extreme, either very long or very short, and the details very feminine, like generous ruches and “eighteenth-century” cuffs. The favourite colours are dark, natural light and black.
The fur coat continues to hug the female body, giving a sensation of security, like in a cloud of warmth that dispels the perils of the surrounding world. The woman, her look a rapture of joy, testifies to the pleasure of wearing an exclusive, unique garment like only carlotivioli can create.
Carlo Tivioli - 1990