Carlo Tiviolin - 2000
A woman of the 1930s, thinking about the far-off year 2000 in strongly futuristic terms, would probably have imagined ladies clothed in strange attire driving cars swooping through the air... In reality women’s way of dressing hasn’t changed all that much. Even if the trend is increasingly towards sportier, more comfortable and wearable clothing, the great cornerstones of the art of style have remain intact.
In the new millennium the fur coat is a more exclusive, distinctive dream. For the lengths, half measures disappear and the preference is either for short, barely covering the hips, or very long. Sleeves can be three-quarter length, the furs are super luxurious, colour is obligatory. And there’s a new way of wearing them, even over jeans, for young women who approach this garment with curiosity. Fur regains ground, it’s the challenge of luxurious simplicity: exhibitionism is rejected, naturalness becomes a basic principle. Today’s fur is lively, sometimes witty, incisive and decidedly essential. It doesn’t weigh on the wearer or make her feel how important it is, but it is important, unquestionably. It is conscious of a woman’s everyday needs and is able to make her young and sophisticated, modern and ironic.
The collections are increasingly bold and dazzling, as illustrated by this original light-blue fur. The model wears an extravagant garment with nonchalance, created for a woman who wants to recognize herself in relation to the current fashion, to achieve a splendid self-assurance. The almost sporty cut slims her, the neck trim provides animation, while the pastel colour enhances the whole.
The women of 2000 don’t fly in space, don’t have talking robots at home and don’t wear form-fitting silver bodysuits. But they still choose the classic innovation of carlotivioli furs.
Carlo Tivioli - 2000
Carlo Tiviolin - 2000 Carlo Tivioli - 2000
The fur is treated like a fabric, new tailoring techniques transform the pelt into a wave of drops that adorn the green coat with brown and golden touches to complete the autumn look. A modern model, candid and cutting-edge for a girl who wants more than anything else to surprise herself. For the new generations, wearing a fur is an experience of total triumph that refrains from judgements and overcomes the mediocrity of the times.
The garment looks both like a jacket of sumptuously elegance and an overcoat ornamented with nineteenth-century decorations of a newly aristocratic charm. The designed patterns seem to recall brocade, an ancient fabric of refined elegance and solemnity.
In the new millennium the fur coat is still in the limelight but in a totally original way, for those who love fashion but don’t want to be its slave, almost exhibiting a healthy sense of superiority. Because a fur is the only garment that can give character, vivacity and that purely feminine burst of pride so typical of today’s woman. Novelties abound not only in the shapes and colour combinations but in the variety of interminglings of pelts and fabric. The splendid properties of fur are exalted in the limpidity of the colours and in the particulars of the workmanship, producing a spontaneous surprise: the wonderment on which the changeability of taste counts.
Carlo Tiviolin - 2000
She smiles so freely and luminously that she’s already on the way to beauty. Only a fur coat can accompany such serenity, full of peace and vitality. Hers has a weightless charm, it almost ignores its value, inimitably innocent, just born. It gives an unsought but authentic casualness, and the result is something surprising, a splendid tranquillity. The sweet charm is also enhanced by the colour, the purest of pearly pinks. What a sense of candour and almost motherly protection, what grace and harmony are irradiated.
The picture takes us back in time to the extremely elegant and poised women of yesteryear, to good bearing, to simplicity of dress. Maintaining that classic nobility that is the virtue of a fur garment, the model remains rigorously up-to-date. The short fur jacket rests just over her hips; it has flared, three-quarter length sleeves, a rolled collar and fur that is worked horizontally. A perfect naturalness.
As in a dream, the present is swallowed up in a fabulous arcadia, the heart is comforted with warmth and the atmosphere seems rarefied, like in an ancient portrait. This is what a fur is able to do. The beauty that can be found in nature or in the most sublime arts can certainly be provided by a carlotivioli garment.
Carlo Tivioli - 2000