The Beginning
1971, Carlo Tivioli's debut show in Rome's Alta Moda. Colourful Sable's and Mink's presented for the first time on shirtless and barefoot models, styled only with a pair of American jeans, a real statement for the times. An era in which emerging designers were at the beginning of the Italian fashion revolution. Captured above Carlo Tivioli, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Valentino, Missoni, Franca Fendi, Mila Schön, Gianfranco Ferrè and Laura Biagiotti. Friends supporting each other to build what would become the biggest names in Alta Moda history.
Always pushing boundaries, Pat Cleveland was one of the first African American women to achieve success as a runway and print model. A true muse who became close with Carlo Tivioli modelling his designs alongside other iconic figures like Linda Evangelista and Brooke Shields. Pictured above, Pat Cleveland wearing a gold Swakara masterpiece by Carlo Tivioli.
Rise of the Supermodels
The 90s, decade of the well known supermodel era. Golden years also for Carlo Tivioli who saw his creations splatter on the covers of international magazines, graced by the most sought after beauties like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.
Fur obsession
Consumption was amplified in the new millenium becoming more and more commercial. More quantity less quality. Tivioli maintained his high standards and continued putting quality first. "Fur is a luxury good and has to remain so, manufactured in the traditional and sustainable way respecting the animals dignity"
A decade of change for fur, one that demanded more from designers than the beauty of the material itself. It was around this decade that Carlo Tivioli began mixing mediums. Researching elaborate hand worked fabrics that could complement the lavish nature of his craft. It was not only about design innovation, the movement was lead by a more environmentally conscious society. As paradoxical as it may seem Tivioli found a natural place for his designs in this changing mentality. A pioneer of his craft, he had been up-cycling and remodelling fur for his collections long before it was ever thought of. The beauty and expensive nature of the material makes it so whoever works with it firstly, falls in love and secondly, lets noting go to waste. The gold of fabrics.