Golden Yoruba

All pieces are tailored to measure and customisable
100% Handmade in Italy

“Aso” means high quality. This precious fabric is used in West Africa by the wealthiest families of the Yoruba tribes as clothing. Even today the construction technique of this fabric remains unchanged, guaranteeing its characteristics of softness and resistance. The edge and the inside of the hood are in warm soft sable, to protect even on the coldest days. Inside, however, everything is lined with “Carlo Tivioli” silk and padded with wool to ensure additional protection from the cold and wind. Finally finished with two burgundy laces feature semi-hard stones. This composition of color and fabric is very reminiscent of the contemporary paintings of our master Alberto Burri, who through the use of this material was able to create a series of works that symbolise his creative path. Here, this is the philosophy of Carlo Tivioli: to bring together and combine different materials and universes, even if very distant from each other, and create timeless creations.

Antique fabric, West Africa
Gold Sable, Russia